RINO Republican Senator from Utah, Mitt Romney is probably most famous for losing an election for president against the most radical leftist president in America’s History (Barrack Obama) prior to Joe Biden.  But he has failed as a conservative and Republican too many times to count since then as well.  Now, his past has caught up with him and a majority of his constituents–who elected him just a few years ago–may have already turned on him.

An audience of 2000 mostly angry Republican voters wildly booed Romney in his own home state on his own home stage at a Utah GOP convention.  Mitt Romney was once viewed by Republicans, years ago, as a pretty and smoothly-coiffed milquetoast moderate republican.

However, many of the negative stories about him have since proven to be true.

And he just continues to make things worse.

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Since losing two bids for president in 2008 and 2012, Romney has sided time and again with some of the most radical leftists in America.  All this while continuing to call himself a Republican and a conservative.  Yet, most republicans now see him as the chameleon or turncoat who wanted to impeach President Donald Trump and shame all of his America First MAGA supporters while supporting positions in line with radical leftist groups like the ACLU.

Well, it seems as though his open-border soul has been filled to the brim with bad ideas and all his continued transgressions against constitutional patriots have caught up with him.

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So, instead of just being hated by Democrats, he now gets booed into complete silence for nearly a full minute by his own audience of disaffected Republican constituents in Utah.

Utah is a conservative state to which Romney moved and ran for office in order to ‘tame’ it into a more left-leaning posture that would be more palatable to open-border globalists.

It doesn’t seem to be working…

Watch Romney get booed for yourself, below:

Contrary to the headline of the above tweet, he did in fact complete his trite speech despite the wild boos.  But, he did leave immediately afterward knowing that he is hated by his constituents.

Here is another angle:

Here is another take:

And, just one more in case you missed it:

The loud boos were only silenced as another Republican came up to the podium and begged the audience to give Romney “respect” after Romney had just berated his constituents:

“Aren’t you embarrassed,” said Romney to the audience, as though booing a man they see as a “traitor” is too uncouth for politics.

The constituents are deeply embarrassed, Mr. Romney.  They are embarrassed that they voted for you and they want to rid themselves of the cause of their embarrassment.

Perhaps you could help them overcome this embarrassment by stepping down.

The better question might be “aren’t you humiliated, Mr. Romney?”

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