How many ways can I say “I’m sorry” for trying to help this man get elected?

Senator Mitt Romney (R?-UT) is obsessed with harming President Trump. He loved Donald Trump when he wanted his support for his candidacy for President in 2012. In a race that Romney should’ve won, he instead, got shellacked by Barack Obama, handing him a second destructive term and a chance to negotiate a horrible deal with Iran.

When Trump became the wildly popular choice for Republicans to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, Romney was suddenly offended by him and publicly spoke out against him, demanding that voters stay home on election day. When Trump forgave him, and was considering the failed presidential candidate for a cabinet position, Romney suddenly warmed up to Trump. After Trump decided against Romney, he went back on the offense. Now, thanks to voters in Utah, the flip-flopping Romney is now a United States Senator, and he’s far from done making life difficult for President Trump.

Today, Romney was the lone vote on the Repbulican side against one of  Trump’s judicial nominees…and the reason he gave for his vote is incredible.

The Conservative Review reports – The vote was mostly along party lines in the upper chamber, with Sens. Cassidy, R-La., Gillibrand, D-N.Y., Hirono, D-Hawaii, Kennedy, R-La., Rounds, R-S.D., not voting; there was, however, one party defection, as Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, voted with Democrats against the nominee.

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For Romney, it wasn’t a matter of jurisprudence or legal qualifications, but remarks made about former Democratic President Obama Truncale made in 2011, calling him an “un-American imposter.”

In a written response to questions from Senate Judiciary Committee Member Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., Truncale said that the comments were some of many made while in previous “capacities as a candidate for the United States Congress or as a political commentator” and that such opinions would be inappropriate for a judge to express.

Back in 2011, Truncale threw his hat into the political ring and ran for Congress in a crowded field to replace the outgoing congressman and then-Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

“I will note that it is possible, however,” Truncale later added in his response to Feinstein, “that I was merely expressing frustration by what I perceived as a lack of overt patriotism on behalf of President Obama.”

However, that explanation just didn’t cut it for Romney, who told Politico after the vote that he voted against Truncale in defense of Obama, citing his own 2012 presidential run against the Chicago Democrat.

“He made particularly disparaging comments about President Obama. And as the Republican nominee for president, I just couldn’t subscribe to that in a federal judge,” Romney told the outlet. “This was not a matter of qualifications or politics; this was something specifically to that issue as a former nominee of our party.”


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