“Make America Great Again Inc.,” a Super PAC that supports Donald Trump, released a statement on the Florida GOP primary as it’s the last day for Ron DeSantis to withdraw his name from the ballot in the Sunshine State.

“Ron DeSantis is going to regret ever running for president. Today is the last day DeSantis can remove himself from the Florida presidential primary ballot,” Make America Great Again Inc. said in a press release.

“A new poll from Victory Insights shows that President Donald Trump is leading DeSantis and the Republican primary field by 40 points,” it added.

“In our latest survey, Floridians’ support for DeSantis’ presidential bid has now dropped into the teens. Not only is this the lowest we’ve seen him since we began tracking this race over a year ago, it’s the lowest support recorded for him in Florida from any pollster at any point in the race. The DeSantis campaign appears to be in free fall,” Ben Galbraith, senior pollster for Victory Insights, wrote in a memo.

“Today is the last day DeSantis can remove himself from the Florida Presidential primary ballot. He is currently losing his home state by 40%,” Alex Bruesewitz wrote.

“He will be a lame duck, WEAK Governor when he returns to Tallahassee once his failing campaign comes to an end. I have never seen someone destroy their political career the way Rob has,” he added.


“Trump boasts a more than 40% lead over any of his challengers, and even if the race came down to only Trump and DeSantis, Trump still leads by more than 30 points. DeSantis’s decline since our last poll in August could be attributed to Nikki Haley’s rise — the former UN Ambassador has picked up 6 points while the Florida Governor has lost 4,” Galbraith noted.

Florida Politics writes:

There is one bright spot for DeSantis: The more money a voter has, the more likely they back the Governor.

“DeSantis does great with the wealthy and horrible with the poor. (In the head-to-head in this poll, Trump leads the lower class by 44% and the upper class by only 23%. Every poll we do we find a similar trend),” Galbraith noted.

This is just the latest Florida poll to show Trump leading by roughly 40 points.

A Florida Atlantic University survey from November showed Trump leading DeSantis, 61% to 20%.

The University of North Florida Public Opinion Research Lab in a November poll showed Trump had 60% support while DeSantis had just 21% backing.

Florida’s March 19 Primary is a winner-take-all contest, in which 125 delegates to the Republican National Convention will be allocated.

Galbraith’s take is that it’s basically a done deal.


“With just over a month to go until the 2024 Iowa Caucus, the Republican primary for President of the United States seems to be shaping up to be a blowout. Though the DeSantis campaign has outwardly expressed confidence in a viable path to victory, the poll numbers tell a very different story.”

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