The top stories on Drudge Report today, are about issues real Americans care about, like the booming economy, historically low unemployment numbers, and President Trump’s rising poll numbers.

The top stories for the anti-Trump mainstream media are not the unemployment numbers or the economy, instead, they’re about a pornography actress’ claim of a decade-old sexual encounter with Donald Trump.

A quick Google search of porn star Stormy Daniels reveals the obsession our mainstream media has with reporting news about the pornography actress, instead of publishing stories about the historical low employment numbers, that Americans haven’t seen the likes of in almost two decades.

A Google search of porn star Stormy Daniels show 3 stories from ABC News in the past 24 hours:

Here’s how many stories show up in a Google search that has been published by CNN about the pornography actress in the past 18 hours:

The number of  stories that appear in a Google search under “porn star Stormy Daniels and NBC News” is on par with the other Democrat-run networks, CNN and ABC:

Conservative comedian Roseanne Barr, who took a break from  Twitter for a while, is back and is definitely not keeping her opinions to herself.  Barr’s latest tweet really knocked it out of the park. Roseanne, who plays a Trump supporter in her new reboot of the wildly successful “Roseanne Show” on ABC, pointed out how misguided our anti-Trump media has become, with their wall-to-wall coverage of pornography actress Stormy Daniels. It’s pretty clear the media outlets that used to be considered the bedrock of reporting news, have hit rock-bottom, as the only thing they have left in their anti-Trump arsenal is their obsession with a decade-old claim from a haggard pornography actress.

Barr tweeted: “follow @StormyDaniels so u can stay informed of what’s important in our country! thanks!

Earlier in the day, Barr asked her followers if they thought Kanye West’s announcement about helping Chicago will work?

Only moments before her tweet about Kanye West, Barr reminded her followers to register to vote in primary elections in Ohio, Indiana, W. Virginia and N. Carolina primaries.

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