Far-left media outlet CNN is calling Biden-Harris event “probably not the best roll out.”

On Wednesday, Sleepy Joe Biden finally left his Deleware home basement for a joint event with Kamala Harris…just miles from his home. Biden and Harris spoke at a local school in Wilmington, Deleware in their first appearance together. Things didn’t start off so well for the two. CNN reported a power outage and no air conditioning at the Biden-Harris event site. Just when things couldn’t get worse…Biden’s Periscope livestream abruptly ended as he was speaking. CNN criticized Biden’s camp after there was an hour delay to the event: “Probably not the best roll out.”



Biden spoke for several minutes before introducing Kamala to the podium.  During the exchange, the two smiled but did not touch or hug.  Then Kamala took over and Joe Biden reached over to tap the podium for her. You can audibly hear Kamala say, “What do you want?” A very strange moment to say the least:

The two were quick to bash President Trump in what seems will be their sole strategy to take on Trump in November. In their speeches, Biden and Harris both vowed “to defeat President Trump, lead the nation out of the coronavirus and economic crises, and repair the racial divisions that have roiled the country,” according to The Hill. Harris was unsparing in her attacks against Trump, accusing him of stoking racial divisions and saying that he could have prevented scores of coronavirus deaths.

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Then this happened…Biden’s Periscope livestream was abruptly interrupted as he was speaking. Viewers were shown a Biden-Harris screen for over 15 minutes. The Periscope began working again 15 minutes later while Kamala Harris was speaking and only 4,300 people tuned in to watch. Even Kamala can’t bring support to the Biden campaign!

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According to Periscope, there was a total of approximately 254,000 viewers for the entire scope.

During President Trump’s Wednesday press conference, he spoke about the Biden-Harris campaign saying, “ANTIFA is virtually a part of the Biden-Harris campaign.”

In an effort to inflate her lackluster background, Harris played up her experience as district attorney of San Francisco and attorney general of California, saying those positions have prepared her to prosecute the case against Trump.“The case against Donald Trump and Mike Pence is open and shut,” Harris said.

Further, Trump ripped Harris saying, “she’s going to be a big failure.”

Biden blasted Trump for attacking Harris. The president has called Harris “nasty” and his campaign has cast her as a leftwing fanatic. “Is anyone surprised Donald Trump has a problem with strong women?,” Biden said. Biden and Harris both blamed Trump for the racial unrest that has disturbed the country following the death of George Floyd.

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