After nearly 5 decades as a public “servant”, Joe Biden is more popular than ever.

Unfortunately for the stuttering old coot, it’s his destruction of the country, bumbling of everything he touches, his anti-America policies, and blatant and utter corruption that is making his name a household (barroom, stadium, etc.) word, most often with vulgar expletives attached to it.

While the location of this fine establishment isn’t readily apparent, many surmise it to be Kid Rock’s bar in Nashville Tennessee.

Watch as patrons chant a fitting tribute to the “Commander in Chief”:

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Uh oh, it appears to be a popular chant among Democrats’ targetted demographic:

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Joe Biden was the worse thing that ever happened to America. And now it looks as though he may be the worse thing that ever happened to the Democrat party:

Americans not only have good taste in music, but they’re also good judges of character:

Turns out, Trump Won banners arent the only ones being unfurled at large venues:

Biden is so poorly regarded, and so unrespected, that a Wikipedia page was created to commemorate the disdain Americans hold for him:

The F*ck Joe Biden chant sensation rivals the Trump Won banner phenomenon that took place at countless MLB ballparks around the country this summer.

The Biden chant is a widely shared sentiment due to the intentional degradation of America and the fraudulent election, perpetrated by the America-hating left.

The Trump banner is a widely held belief, rooted in facts, evidence, and truth.

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