“To me, this is the logo of the Obama administration, bowing to dictators and bowing to terrorists.”

kerry iranians

The liberal media has been relentless in their attack of Donald Trump over his justified response to Khizr Khan’s disparaging and misleading remarks during his speech at the DNC in Cleveland last month. Meanwhile they ignore the fact that Obama and Hillary are selling America’s national security to terrorist nations like Iran.

Khan’s speech was intended to make Donald Trump look like a bigot, an isolationist and an anti-American. Fortunately, the mainstream media isn’t the only source of news Americans have anymore. Many in the conservative media have been exposing the truth about Mr. Khan since he went off the rails on his Trump bashing speech that night. Following his speech, many Americans with military ties felt compelled to respond. A US Marine and former Navy vet wrote a blistering letter to Mr. Khan. A mother of an active duty soldier wrote a powerful letter refuting Khan’s words and questioning his intentions. As it turns out, they were correct about his politically motivated intentions. Khan’s ties to the Clintons, the Saudi’s and the Muslim Brotherhood are pretty alarming.



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