The Capitol Police released a statement Monday saying that the nine staff members from Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show arrested last month will not be prosecuted.

On June 16, nine of Colbert’s staffers were trying to tape segments of the Jan. 6 committee’s hearing. The U.S. Capitol Police repeatedly told the staffers they needed a staff escort inside the buildings and press passes, according to The Washington Times.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s office, they do not believe they would be able to secure convictions and were therefore not going to prosecute the nine.

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The justice system seems a bit two tiered here, as “unlawful entry” is the formal charge given to January 6 defendants who have been jailed and prosecuted for the same allegation.

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As the decision to handle the unlawful entry in such a vastly different way was announced by the US Attorneys’ office, anger and cynicism are sweeping across social media.

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