Online video platform Rumble has removed access for users in Brazil due to the country’s courts demanding censorship of certain creators.

“I will not be bullied by foreign government demands to censor Rumble creators. My statement on turning off Brazil,” Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski said.

Pavlovski wrote:

“Recently, the Brazilian courts demanded that we remove certain creators from Rumble. As part of our mission to restore a free and open Internet, we have committed not to move the goalposts on our content policies. Users with unpopular views are free to access our platform on the same terms as our millions of other users. Accordingly, we have decided to disable access to Rumble for users in Brazil while we challenge the legality of the Brazilian courts’ demands.

We are disappointed by the court decisions that have caused the Brazilian people to lose the ability to view a wide range of Rumble content. This action will not have a material effect on our business, but we hope the Brazilian courts reconsider their decisions so we can restore service soon.”

“Brazil and its Supreme Court are so consumed with censoring political speech — they are constantly ordering platforms to ban voices which dissent — that Rumble made the choice to shut off Brazil (as it did with France) rather than comply with tyrannical orders,” journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote.


“Brazilian courts have in the past ordered major platforms disabled for failure to immediately obey censorship and other orders — including Telegram and even WhatsApp, the primary communications tool of Brazilians. At some point, Big Tech needs to unite in a country to do this,” he added.

“This is why I choose Rumble,” Dan Bongino commented.


“Rumble is the only company at our scale that holds the line for free speech and American values. It’s my wish, that one day, big tech joins us in this fight and responds like we do. That’s the day everyone wins. I will continue to lead by example until that day arrives,” Pavlovski added.

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