The newest excuse for why Trump won the presidential election in 2016 is that his campaign hired a company to do data-mining. Wait! Wasn’t Obama deemed a brilliant campaigner when he did the same thing? Remember when his data-mining people proudly discussed their winning strategy on Facebook and other social media platforms?


Rush Limbaugh called out the media and pundits who were in phony hysterics about this supposed “new” discovery with some whistleblower who suddenly came out of the woodwork…

Thank goodness for Limbaugh because Fox news was on the hysterics band wagon too!

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LIMBAUGH SAID: “Facebook is not a victim here, and Cambridge Analytica is by no means the only entity which has Facebook’s own data collection.  Facebook collects the data. Cambridge Analytica is like any other outfit that found a way to access it, and it’s not illegal.”

HE CONTINUED: “When Facebook users agreed to participate in a survey, there are disclaimers.”

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REUTERS REPORTED that the company working for the Trump campaign “gained inappropriate access to data on 50 million Facebook users.” The hysterics caused Facebook value to drop by billions.


Limbaugh called out the fake news liars when he said that gaining data and analyzing it is nothing new and that it’s done all the time in campaigns:


Limbaugh zoomed in on the truth:

“Folks, the bottom line is, it isn’t any big deal because it’s nothing unique. The Democrats have perfected using the personal data stored by internet companies for I don’t know how long. And Google leads the league in it, and they’re in bed with the Democrats and always have been. Facebook is number two. They’re in bed with the Democrats.”

“It’s the modern day equivalent of high-tech grassroots politics. It’s all about finding out who your voters are and where they are and what they respond to, which politics and parties have been doing for as long as there have been both. But the Democrats, you see, and Obama, the brilliant, the cool, the sophisticated Obama, and Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin and Larry Page and all these high quality leftists, they exclusively own that sector.”


“Only they are smart enough brilliant enough, liberal enough, correct enough, sensitive enough to ever deal with this stuff while excluding everybody else. And here comes, to them, unacceptable, reprehensible bigot using their systems and outsmarting them in the process to win an election they thought they had arranged, they thought they had in the bag.”



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