When Democrats and anti-Trumpers began commenting about how Trump’s ‘America First’ policy should be ditched, it was a shock. Until we heard about the ‘Great Reset’ plan to drag America back into into the globalist agenda, President Trump had campaigned against.

James Mattis was one of the first who recently came out against President Trump’s ‘America First’ policy. He declared in an article in Foreign Affairs last Monday that the “America First” foreign policy had damaged national security. He called on Joe Biden to “eliminate ‘America first’” from U.S. strategy. Mattis was quickly rebuked by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said General Mattis is a great man but is “dead wrong” on this policy.

Fast forward to today. Rush Limbaugh said what everyone is thinking in one great tweet:

Why on Earth is putting America first a BAD thing? Don’t you want your fellow Americans and neighbors to have a better life? More jobs, a roaring economy, retirement savings. The stronger we are as a nation, the more all Americans will prosper, and ultimately, so will the world!


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