Rush Limbaugh gave his listeners an update on his battle with stage 4 lung cancer today with some good news: “The chemo drugs are working.”

Rush has been absent from his show for a few days and reassured his audience that he’s fine:

“I’m fine. I’m sitting here at my official home library desk, and I am fine.”

Limbaugh told his fans that the particular lung cancer he has involved a rate mutation of a gene that occurs only in 1% to 5% of cancer patients:

“Now, ordinarily, that would be very bad news because it would be something that maybe there’s no medicine for or that there’s no targeted treatment for. It turns out it was good news because there is a clinical trial of a combination of chemo drugs that have been very successful in attacking this particular gene mutation in melanoma cancers.”

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After four weeks of chemo that “went great” Rush said he had to stop the treatment because of the medication’s painful side effects:

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“I guess it got bad enough last Monday or whatever that we had to pull the treatment. We had to pull the treatment, and it was going to be just temporary for a week or two to see what would happen. I’m now taking drugs, steroids, to reverse the effects of the chemo drug.”

Even though Rush had to stop the treatment, for now, he’s upbeat about future treatments and has hope:

“Trust me, it was working. I‘ve currently suspended the treatment and we’re looking at alternatives, and there are plenty of those. But I’ve gotta get the swelling down and get this pain taking care of.”

Please keep praying for Rush Limbaugh.

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