Rush Limbaugh started his segment on his number-one-rated radio talk show today, by letting his listeners know about his appearance on Fox & Friends this morning. Limbaugh’s appearance on the show included a discussion about the massive success of his Betsy Ross t-shirt campaign.

While speaking with the Fox & Friends co-hosts, Limbaugh revealed that he decided to start selling the t-shirts after Nike pulled their Betsy Ross inspired sneaker, that was timed to be released over the 4th of July, because of objections by the anti-American, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who called the design racist. Kaepernick objected to the Betsy Ross flag that included 13 stars, representing each of America’s original 13 colonies.

Watch here:

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Here’s the transcript of his Rush Limbaugh explaining his interview with Fox & Friends from the Rush Limbaugh website.

Before we get to the news of the day, a refresher if you didn’t see Fox & Friends this morning. I appeared yet again at 8:30 a.m. ET this morning to announce the most incredible thing. The Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirt — and for those of you watching on the Dittocam, let me pull it out here and hold it up real quick. You know what we found out over the weekend, by the way? A bootlegger, a knockoff had pirated all of our fan photos from our website, my website logo, and the shirt itself, and they were selling the shirt, but they were charging people $1,500 for it. They were fraudulently charging. They were not advertising. Nowhere on their website did $1,500 appear. They were charging people that. We were on it pretty quickly when we found out about it.

But this is the Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirt. This started on July 8th. We actually made it available on July 8th, and we would have been thrilled if we would have reached 50,000 shirts sold. We partnered with the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, which is a charity that provides for the families of 9/11 victims, first responders to 9/11 and the United States military overall and in general. The proceeds from the sale go to the foundation.

This was never a profit pursuit for us. We would never take a profit when we are donating proceeds to a charity. So we would have been thrilled with 50,000 shirts sold. We were able to up the donation today to $3 million. One week ago it was one million and a half dollars; then we upped it by $500,000. And now the total — and counting, by the way, $3 million to Tunnel to Towers Foundation and counting.

It’s gone so far beyond anybody’s expectations. We are so gratified, and heart warmed over all of this. We’re gonna be working for a long time to fulfill all of these orders. We have bought out every shirt of this fabric and style in size XL in this country. We own them all. We have had to buy them all and stock them up. We continue to fulfill orders like mad here.

Here’s the link to the store if you’re interested in purchasing one of Limbaugh’s Betsy Ross t-shirts, with all proceeds to Tunnel to Towers Foundation:

Betsy Ross Flag Shirt – White



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