The Bush family are a bunch of sellouts!  It’s sickening that the members of this elite Republican family can’t accept the people’s nominee but do this instead:


This is exactly what Donald Trump campaigned against! 


Conservative radio great Rush Limbaugh announced to his audience Tuesday that he’s been told that “George W. Bush and Laura Bush voted for Hillary Clinton today,” the Washington Examiner reports.

“On one level, it’s personal. Remember what Trump said about Jeb. And Trump has had some unkind things to say about George W. Bush,” Limbaugh explained, referencing Donald Trump’s habit during the Republican primary of calling Jeb Bush “low energy.”

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“But aside from that, think about party loyalty, think about issues, think about the direction of the country,” Limbaugh added. “How does anybody vote for Hillary Clinton?”

Limbaugh issued a stern warning to the “elites in Washington and New York,” members of the “club” of powerful, self-interested political and media figures.

“I submit to you that if you’re in the club, and by the club I mean the establishment, if you are among the few elites in Washington and New York that actually, for lack of a better term, run the country, you’re going to hang together with other club members,” Limbaugh said. “That’s how I think this happens.”

“Hillary Clinton’s not seen as a Democrat… She may be, on one intramural level, an opponent, but she’s certainly not an enemy when somebody outside the club happens to be running,” Limbaugh continued. “Members of the club … they’re going to hang together to preserve the existence of the club and its exclusivity.”

Via: Breitbart


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