Limbaugh cuts right to the core of why it’s so off base to think that former Vice President Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee for President.

He also points out that the Democrats are trying to recapture the “days of Obama” by bringing Biden on board as a possible nominee.

Rush Limbaugh says it’s “irrational” to think Joe Biden could be the Democratic nominee for President:

“He’s run for President twice … he hasn’t ever gotten close. Biden is seen as the closest thing they can get to recapturing the days of Obama. They can’t get out of the past.”

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Biden has years and years of baggage including gaffes that are racist, sexist and downright awkward. He’s been there and done that but still couldn’t win the presidency.

He’s still got the old-style huckster politics going where he plays dumb and plays innocent. He just had a chance to set the record straight and apologize to Anita Hill but refused to do so. He also had a chance to apologize to the Nevada woman he inappropriately touched but refused to do so. He uses vague descriptions and skirts the truth without admitting to anything. let’s face it, he’s had decades to perfect his phony sympathy.

It’ll be interesting to see the first interview where he’s actually asked hard questions or questions on policy.

Until then, it’s all fluff.

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