How is the mission accomplished in Syria if ISIS controls Syria? There’s much more to the story than the “official statement” below:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the country’s armed forces to withdraw from Syria, starting tomorrow, reports RT.

Exactly what is behind the sudden withdrawal is not clear, but according to Russia’s official version, Putin believes that the mission is basically completed and they choose to leave the country.

“I consider the mission set for the Defence Ministry and the armed forces on the whole has been accomplished,” Mr Putin said at a meeting at the Kremlin.

“I am therefore ordering the Defence Ministry to begin the withdrawal of the main part of our military force from the Syrian Arab Republic from tomorrow.”

Russia started its anti-terror mission in Syria on September 30 last year. According to Putin, it had the full right to enter the country in accordance with international law, because the Syrian government approved the intervention in advance.

The Russian Air Force has conducted air raids against the Islamic State and other jihadist groups since last fall.

Syria is still largely controlled by ISIS and other jihadists.

The US has not yet commented on the Russian decision.

Via: RT

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