Oh boy! This isn’t political at all…Ha!
The Obama administration, Democrats and Crooked Hillary are trying to throw one more thing at the legitimacy of Trump’s election…Nice try, but this isn’t going anywhere!

The Democrats are unhinged in their effort to muddy up the election and claim Clinton would have won if…Comey hadn’t come out in the 11th hour to make a statement on the investigation into Clinton. Perhaps if Clinton wasn’t so CROOKED in the first place, she wouldn’t have to worry about any of this…”Voters deserve to get full and complete facts” – HILLARY CLINTON…LOL!

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz announced today that his office will launch a review of the actions taken by the FBI and DOJ ahead of November’s election.

The inspector general will look at whether FBI Director James Comey’s press conference and notifications to Congress days prior to the election concerning the Hillary Clinton email probe were appropriate under DOJ guidelines:


DAILY MAIL reports: The letter informed lawmakers 11 days before the election that the FBI was looking at newly discovered emails that related to its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails.
The disclosure caused a political firestorm and a rash of new reports about the investigation.
Ultimately, Comey revealed in an announcement two days before the election, the bureau didn’t find anything to change its original decision not to prosecute.
Investigators then sifted through additional Clinton emails that had been located on the computer of disgraced ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner, who is separated from longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin and who quite Congress in a sexting scandal.
Inspector General Michael Horowitz says the investigation will look at whether department or FBI policies were followed in relation to Comey’s actions in the case, whether the FBI deputy director should have been recused from the investigation, and allegations that department officials improperly disclosed nonpublic information to the Clinton campaign.

The investigation is in response to “numerous” requests from members of congressional oversight committees, various organizations and the public, according to Horowitz.



Via: ABC


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