Please listen carefully to this brilliant expert on Russia…We’ve also provided a previous interview with Cohen from January of this year. This man is very wise!

TUCKER CARLSON: Assess, if you would, the reaction today to this press conference and to the summit between Putin and Trump

STEPHEN F. COHEN: The reaction by most of the media, by the Democrats, by the anti-Trump people is like mob violence. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. This is the president of the United States, doing what every other president before him, since FDR in 1943 with Stalin, meeting with the head of the Kremlin. And something that every American president since Eisenhower, a Republican by the way, has met with the leader of the Kremlin for one existential purpose: To avoid war between the nuclear superpowers.
Today, in my considered and scholarly long time judgment, relations between the U.S. and Russia are more dangerous than they have ever been. Let me repeat: Ever been, including the Cuban missile crisis.

In January of this year, Cohen reported to Tucker Carlson that he’s never seen anything like the attacks on President Trump:

Stephen Cohen and Tucker Carlson get down to business about the fake news and Russia hacking…Stephen Cohen is great in this and tells it like it is! Cohen’s comments ring true! Great stuff!

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Line of the night from Cohen: “These accusations against Trump have themselves become a grave national security threat!”

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