After becoming a worldwide disgrace in 2016 over its Olympic doping scandal, Russia has found itself in hot water again at the Olympic Winter Games. Tuesday’s Olympic medal ceremony was delayed by the International Olympic Committee over “legal issues”, which reportedly involved a Russian skater testing positive on a drug test.

USA Today was told that the athlete involved was a minor, which rules out every athlete besides 15-year-old Kamila Valieva, the only minor on the six-person Russian team that won gold.

Kamila Valieva during her historic performance at the 2022 Winter Olympics

Valieva recently gained national attention, becoming the first female skater ever to land a quad jump at the Olympics. She also helped the Russian Olympic figure skating team win gold. However, after making history, her team’s gold medal and chance to compete for another gold medal may be revoked.

Russian Olympic figure skating team celebrating after winning the gold

If the Russian team medal is revoked, the US skating team will be elevated to gold.

Valieva reportedly tested positive for a banned heart medication, Trimetazidine, which is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency because of its athletic benefits, including the improvement of physical efficiency, especially in endurance sports.

According to IOC spokesman Mark Adams, “legal consultation” is required between the IOC and the International Skating Union. While many details have not been released to the public, Adams did say that “we have athletes that have won medals involved.”

So far, there have been no further statements from the IOC or ISU.

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