Colin Kaepernick floated back into news headlines this week when it was announced that he would be part of Nike’s latest ad campaign that was meant to inspire people almost as much as it inadvertently divided them. Nike’s selection of Colin Kaepernick in their ad that many refer to as the “sacrifice everything” and it has turned into a bonanza of meme-making, trash talking, and flag debating Kaepernick talk that has already helped put a “take a knee” damper on the NFL’s 2018 season.

As if low ratings weren’t bad enough for the NFL, now we have this this little reminder that takes us back to last year when Colin Kaepernick was called out for donating to a group who supports a cop-killer. It’s like this guy keeps finding his way into the limelight and people keep finding ways to dislike him. If there was a reason to dislike him, then this might be the best reason.

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While people are trading jokes and funny pictures on social media, a few others have provided this flashback gem of knowledge as a reminder that Colin Kaepernick once donated $25,000 to a group who honors a convicted cop killer named Assata Shakur. It was revealed that Kaepernick donated to a group in Chicago called Assata’s Daughters and it was part of a million dollar pledge, which was supposed to be $100,000 per month for ten months. That money was supposed to be donated to ‘organizations working in oppressed communities.’ Why would he select a group who supports people who murder police and break the law?

Wouldn’t Kaepernick have gained more respect from the communities by supporting his police and working to bridge the gap and fix the divided relations set forth by former President Barack Obama who seemed to put police officers up against the public?

Assata Shakur, who was part of the Black Liberation Army, is responsible for the 1973 killing of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster. A shootout occurred after Werner pulled over a car for a broken taillight. Werner was killed and Shakur was reportedly injured.

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Shakur was eventually caught and sentenced to life in prison, found guilty on first-degree murder charges. She escaped prison in 1979 because members of the Black Liberation Army somehow got into the prison with concealed handguns, took people hostage, and then drove a van to escape.

The Black Liberation Army is supposedly a more violent version of the Black Panthers.

Colin Kaepernick, on the other hand, is well known for protesting against police. At one point he was wearing socks that had police officers depicted as pigs. People who disrespect cops often refer to them as “pigs” and when Kaepernick wore those socks, it was when he was still a member of the San Francisco 49ers NFL football team.

Where this all gets even murkier is that a portion of Kaepernick’s donation to the group who supports Assata Shakur is that part of the donation was supposed to go to a group called “Cop Watch.” That group is allegedly training people how to follow and record police officers.

It could be speculated that Assata’s Daughters is also a group who potentially sends Shakur money, although that would need to be investigated, and it probably has been.

Daily Mail reported that Shakur’s real name is Shakur, “JoAnne Deborah Chesimard” and that she seems to be a “revered figure” among activists, even though she is on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

It’s believed that Assata is living in Cuba as a fugitive.

Kaepernick, who is well known for his protests against police during the national anthem as a former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, made the donation as part of his pledge to donate $100,000 a month for 10 months to ‘organizations working in oppressed communities’.

The Assata’s Daughters group started in 2015 and is said to ‘develop and train young people, ages 4-19, in the Black queer feminist tradition and in the spirit of Assata’ which should be quite alarming considering she’s on the FBI’s MOST WANTED list and even described as a terrorist.

Assata is supposedly the late rapper Tupac Shakur’s godmother, whose step-father helped her escape.

When Tupac Shakur is the best-behaved person in the conversation, then it’s safe to say that maybe special interest groups and activists should pick better role models.

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