Saints player Demario Davis has turned controversy into a positive movement after a fine for a uniform violation on the field. Davis wore a headband that said “Man of God” during a game and was fined $7k for the uniform infraction that was overturned.

Word got out about what happened and the backlash began. One of the groups that jumped in to speak up for Davis just so happened to be school kids in the New Orleans area attending St. Louis King of France School. The kids all made headbands that said “Child of God” and wore them at school. Davis took notice and wanted to visit the kids.

Flash forward, and the kids got a special visit from their hero!

 WDSU reports that children from 6-weeks-old in cribs, all the way to seventh graders, filed in the gym at St. Louis King of France Monday morning. They knew a big surprise awaited them. They could smell the boxes of pizza donated for their lunch, but they had no idea who was hiding behind the curtain.

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New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis was named Community MVP:

In the end, Davis says it was he who got more out of the day, experiencing the pureness of heart that comes from children.

Davis has already raised over $200k to help build a new emergency room for a local hospital that his mother worked at!

It’s spreading!

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