The Salvation Army is facing significant holiday shortages this season after telling its White donors to recognize and apologize for their racism. Their “International Social Justice Commission” created a resource for their White donors to educate themselves on their racist tendencies, called “Let’s Talk About… Racism“.

As part of its foundational commitment to “to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in his name without discrimination”, their guide to racism claims that Christianity is institutionally racist and insists White Christians should offer “a sincere apology” to Black people for being “antagonistic… to Black people or the culture, values and interests of the Black community”. The Salvation Army released this document along with an accompanying “Study Guide on Racism” to ensure its donors understand that all whites are racist, even if they don’t realize it.

While Racism is, according to the Salvation Army, not biological, the balance of the document focuses on injustices by Whites against people of color. The word “White” appears 119 times, including whiteness, White Communities, White Americans, White Men, White Youth. There’s an entire section on what is whiteness.

“The subtle nature of racism is such that people who are not consciously racist easily function with the privileges, empowerment, and benefits of the dominant ethnicity, thus unintentionally perpetuating injustice.”

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Following their public request for their donors to apologize for their racism, The Salvation Army received significant backlash and is now facing a toy and donation shortage. FOX13 reported that the nonprofit organization is also in “desperate need of bell ringers to staff the red kettles seen at businesses around the country”.


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The Salvation Army even tried to justify their actions, and added that they have withdrawn the guide for “appropriate review”. However, they remain at the center of much controversy which continues to negatively impact their donations.

“The situation is dire,” reported Colonel Cindy Foley of the NW Salvation Army Division. “we are asking our generous supporters in the region to donate… at every physical kettle in whatever way you can.”

The situation The Salvation Army finds itself in is no surprise given the overt accusations thrown at their donors. Maybe next year they’ll refrain from insulting their donors prior to their most profitable season.

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