Last weekend, the Michigan GOP held their annual Republican Leadership Conference on northern Michigan’s Mackinac Island. Vice President Mike Pence was the keynote speaker at the event. The Vice President of the United States traveled in an armored vehicle surrounded by secret service agents, who made up an eight-vehicle motorcade, as they made their way to and from the Mackinac Island Airport. The use of traditional vehicles has been banned on the island for over a century. The vehicles used in Vice President Pence’s motorcade, however, fall under the category of emergency vehicles, which are permitted on the island.

Detroit Free Press writer Paul Egen tweeted a video of Vice President Mike Pence leaving the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island on Saturday afternoon. Vice President Pence traveled in an armored vehicle surrounded by Secret Service agents, as he made his way back to the airport, that’s approximately one mile from the Grand Hotel where he stayed.

In the video, visitors on the island can be seen waving and giving the “thumbs up” sign at the vice president as he passes by them on the way to the airport.

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The three-generations-old Shepler’s Ferry Company tweeted about the “honor” of being able to transport Vice President Pence’s emergency vehicles to Mackinac Island, saying, “It was our honor to transport the @VP’s emergency vehicles to Mackinac Island this weekend. Regardless of your political views, we hope you’ll understand the logistical intricacies involved in securing our leaders while visiting. We were happy to assist.”

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Not everyone, however, was happy about the security provided for the Vice President on the island. Hate-filled Democrats and their allies in the media, who are relentless in their quest to turn Americans against President Trump and Vice President Pence, took to social media to condemn Pence’s use of a motorcade for security purposes on Mackinac Island.

The Palestine-first lawmaker Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who represents the 13th District in MI, tweeted that the motorcade used to protect the Vice President of the United States was, “Disgusting,” saying that she was in “disbelief” that he was afforded the special privilege of an armored motorcade on the island. The angry Democrat lawmaker who’s currently fighting for gun control in America accused the Trump administration of not caring about the U.S. Constitution.

The far-left TIME magazine dedicated an entire article to criticizing the use of an armored motorcade to protect the Vice President of the United States.


The anti-Trump Washington Post pointed out that former President Gerald Ford traveled by horse and. buggy while he visited the island in the ’70s.

Someone should tell the Washington Post, that thanks to the hatred, lies, and vitriol being pushed by publications like theirs, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and others, it is no longer safe for President Trump and Vice President Pence to travel in an open-air buggy.

Not everyone agreed with the unhinged left:

For the past 22 years, my family has vacationed on the island, is it’s fair to say, I’m pretty familiar with the layout of the island. The island’s airport is located less than one mile from the Grand Hotel and is a short trip through a less traveled interior road through the woods.

Emergency vehicles, as well as many snowmobiles and airplanes, can be found on the island.

While passenger vehicles for private use are prohibited on the island, year-round residents are familiar with the sights and sounds of snowmobiles, as it’s a popular mode of transportation for many of the residents traveling on the island in the brutal Michigan winters.

Residents and guests will also likely see a local snowplow clearing snow from the streets on the island. The snowplow in the first photo (below) is heading up the street that leads to the Grand Hotel where Vice President Pence stayed over the weekend.

Mackinac Island Police can be found riding bicycles around the downtown area, but they also have vehicles they drive on the island when necessary.

Firetrucks are also used on Mackinac Island.



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