With Puerto Rico teetering on financial oblivion and asking for financial help from the U.S., it’s pretty shocking to see the anti-American attitude of the San Juan Mayor in the video below. In case you haven’t heard, Puerto Rico is $74 billion in debt after decades of poor management and government corruption. They’re angling for a bailout from us but check out the disrespect given during the swearing in of the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico: Is it time to cut Puerto Rico off?

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz has scored political points among the sort of liberals who bring us the news by indulging in hysterical hyperbole after Hurricane Maria, and more importantly, by sparring with Trump. This ought to make her even more of a rock star among liberals:

When taking the oath of office, Cruz delayed repeating the words that she would “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States,” turning her back to the woman administering the oath for a long moment. …

After turning her back and pausing, Cruz does swear to defend the Constitution, and then enthusiastically repeats to uphold the Puerto Rican Constitution.

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Her approval rating was as low as 24% earlier this year. She manages to prop it up by pandering to anti-American sentiment, much like the regimes in Cuba and Venezuela.
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