Last week, President Trump made a public announcement to Americans and Hurricane Maria victims of the bankrupt nation of Puerto Rico. President Trump used his address to assure Puerto Rican’s that America’s are committed to doing whatever is necessary to help them recover from the unimaginable disaster. Trump went on to clarify, “We are with you, we will stay with you and we will come back stronger than ever. We are sending tremendous amounts of supplies, tremendous amounts of food and water, and we are sending people to help.”

President Trump, who is in the midst of dealing with his third simultaneous disaster took to Twitter to congratulate the efforts of our military and first responders for the “amazing job” they’re doing “despite no electric, roads, phones, etc.”

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President Trump also retweeted a video shared by the US Coast Guard, sharing their efforts to help those in need of help in Puerto Rico:

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President Trump shared a video on Twitter that was posted by Dan Scavino, explaining the progress the US Navy is making in helping deliver medical goods and services to the citizens of Puerto Rico:

Trump’s Homeland Security chief echoed Trump’s comments about the hard work and efforts of our military and first responders when she told reporters that the government’s response to Hurricane Maria was a ‘good news story.’

San Juan’s Mayor, who is relying on the efforts of President Trump and donations from American citizens, used her opportunity on Fake News CNN to trash President Trump and the efforts of his homeland security.

President Trump hit back after Puerto Rican Mayor Carmin Yulin Cruz used her platform on leftist CNN to criticize America’s efforts in aiding the victims of Puerto Rico:

Trump took it a step further and exposed the “poor leadership” of the Mayor, who, according to President Trump is not getting the workers of Puerto Rico to help with the aid and rebuilding efforts, suggesting they want everything done for them and are not willing to contribute. Trump suggested it should be a “community effort” as opposed to American military and first responders doing all of the work.

Again, Trump praised the efforts of Americans who are helping the Puerto Ricans:

Mayor Cruz boasted about the response she got from private individuals after she trashed President Trump’s Homeland Security efforts. Joy Reid on MSNBC: ‘Actually, I was asking for help. I wasn’t saying anything nasty about the president, but don’t take my word for it. Cruz then referenced 3-star General Buchanan who claimed that he “doesn’t have enough troops and he doesn’t have enough equipment of what he needs to get the situation under control.”

Shortly after the Mayor took to the leftist MSNBC news outlet to make clear that this is not a political issue, Dan Scavino Jr., revealed a dirty little secret about the Mayor, who has a history of tweeting hateful comments about President TRump even before the hurricane hit Puerto Rico. 

In this tweet shared by Dan Scavino Jr., Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz openly states on Twitter that “Trump does not deserve to be President”

Scavino then went on to share the Governor of Puerto Rico’s comments about the America’s responsiveness to the disaster relief efforts:

Perhaps Puerto Rico’s mayor thought she could get away with criticizing President Trump and no one would ever find out about her open disdain for our President. Social media, however, has a way of coming back to haunt people like Mayor Cruz. Shame on her for putting politics before the people of Puerto Rico who are so desperate for help.

Hopefully, the residents of Puerto Rico won’t be affected by the nasty mayor’s comments. They deserve better. Maybe in the next election, they’ll get someone to represent them who isn’t so stupid as to make the matter of their survival a political issue.


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