Sarah Palin has advanced to the Alaska House Special Election to replace Don Young

Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska and Republican VP nominee in 2008, has successfully advanced to the special general election to replace the late Representative Don Young, who passed away in March, in Alaska. Palin made her intention to run clear several months ago, and has now taken first place in a free-for-all primary which included dozens of candidates.

Her main competition is Nick Begich, a GOP candidate who earned the second place run-off spot and who aims to fill the slot of an establishment candidate. Begich comes from an Alaskan Democrat political family.

The general election is a four-candidate, ranked choice voting system in which the candidate with the least amount of first-choice votes will be eliminated and have their votes reallocated to the second choice.

Although this type of voting system is considered by many to favor more moderate candidates, the Trump-endorsed Sarah Palin did gain the first-place slot in the general election after finishing with the most votes in the primary. As such, she certainly has an excellent chance of filling Rep. Young’s vacant seat.

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Palin, who is dubbed by many as a GOP firebrand, would further tip the House Republicans towards a pro-Trump, America First majority if she successfully wins the general election in the anticipated red wave.

Her endorsement by President Trump, exemplary record as Governor, and her name recognition, have served her in her ability to gather the most votes in a crowded primary field.

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