White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders aimed fire at CNN Senior White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny Monday for CNN claiming that Sanders did not want to do the briefing that day.


Sanders was referencing a tweet from CNN’s media reporter Oliver Darcy, who tweeted that Zeleny learned from a White House official alleged Sanders did not want to do the briefing amid questions on the Trump administration’s child separation policy.

“Jeff, I’ll take your question since you and your network falsely accused me of not wanting to be here so I will be glad to pass that question on to you now,” Sanders said.

WFB reports:

“Why did you decide to have Secretary Nielsen answer questions instead of you?” Zeleny asked.

“I’m here answering questions as well but I thought it was important for the secretary and one of the primary experts on this process and the things that are going on to come out here and have the chance to speak to you and for you to be able to ask questions directly of her and the leaders in this administration. But I’m standing here in front of you,” Sanders said.

Sanders joked with Zeleny but the fake news on CNN is dangerous. CNN is on every TV in every airport passing off propaganda to everyone.

Shocking stats: “Trump doesn’t want to see a band-aid put on this.” – SHS


This is horrible and needs to be fixed instead of justing passing it along to the next administration like everyone else has…

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