Sarah Sanders is at it again…At the 22:29 point in the video below she’s asked: “Could you point us to a couple specific accusations in the book that you believe are factually incorrect?” Her answer is awesome!

“I think probably the biggest one is any place within in the book where she lays blame for the loss on anyone but herself,” Sanders said.

Clinton has been promoting the book, entitled What Happened, over the past week.

Delving into her 2016 election loss to President Donald Trump, she has laid blame for her defeat on, among other factors, James Comey, Bernie Sanders, the media, sexism, Russia, Facebook, voter suppression and female voters…LOL!

Sanders is having hit after hit:

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Sarah Sanders let a rude White House Press corps reporter have it when he talked over her during today’s press conference. She’s been on fire this week with her take downs of the media. Great job!

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Here’s what happened earlier this week…Another Sarah Sanders slap down of the press:
White House Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders called out a liberal reporter today when he asked a question about DACA: “I learned that in 8th grade!”

She went on to say that it’s the job of Congress to step up on immigration reform:

“With all due respect, the American people elected Congress to do tough things. For those in Congress who can’t do the heavy lifting, they should get out of the way and let someone in who can do the work”.

The entire presser is below. All we can say is we’re so lucky Sarah is in this position! She does a great job!

Her comment is at the 6:20 point here:

She was also on The View this week and handled it so well:

Sarah Sanders does a great job on The View with all of the liberals trying to get her to bash her boss. Nope, she’s not biting. “My young children prepared me to deal with the White House press” – Sarah Huckabee Sanders

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