Sarah Sanders embarrassed CNN political whiner Jim Acosta Friday, pointing out how upset he would get if she didn’t give him an extra question. Acosta is notorious for his angry outbursts (see below) when he doesn’t get his way during White House press conferences. Sarah nudges Acosta in a great way. The entire press conference video below is worth watching to see Sarah Sanders at her best. She’s on fire!

Sarah Sanders does a great job of sticking it to Acosta in a funny way: The fun begins at the 11:50 point:

Daily Caller reports:

After already asking a question and getting a response he continued, “Sarah–if I could just ask a second follow-up question…”

“Well because it’s Friday,” Sanders said.

“And you’d probably get really upset, not only that, if I didn’t,” Sanders shot back.

“Not at all, not at all,” Acosta said. “You’ve probably seen this tweet it was a tweet that you posted before the election in 2016–‘When you’re attacking FBI agents because you’re under criminal investigation, you’re losing.’ What do you make of that now?”

“The rank and file FBI are some of the greatest people in this country,” she responded. “We’ve repeated that time and time again, and certainly have the full support of this administration. I think that we’ve been very clear though how we feel about some of the leadership at the FBI, particularly James Comey.”

However, Acosta still wasn’t done. Yes, he seriously wanted a third question.

He asked, “When you go after Comey…”

“I did give you two, Jim,” she responded.

I’m gonna keep moving…


Sarah Sanders zinged CNN’s Jim Acosta today when she froze him out of the White House press conference. She ignored his shouting and didn’t call on him for the third time. He took to Twitter to express his frustration:

“Third press briefing in a row that @PressSec did not take a question from CNN. #courage,” Acosta tweeted after the briefing.

Boom! Sanders shot back and referenced the combat veterans she had in attendance at the press conference:


CNN’s Jim Acosta was visibly irritated when White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn’t call on him to ask a question during the daily briefing.

The situation arose after Brian Karem asked Sanders a question about Anthony Scaramucci’s comments regarding moral in the White House: “I definitely would not agree. I think we are in  a great place with women–an incredible story to tell. It’s been a historic first year. We’re continuing to focus on the things that President Trump campaigned on. We’re excited about what we’ve done and where we’re going and we’re going to continue working hard for the American people,” Sanders said.

The press secretary then signaled the briefing was over, prompting Acosta to shout out a question as she was walking out…Oops!

Washington Free Beacon reports:

“Sarah, can I ask a question? Sarah, that’s the third briefing you’ve not taken a question from CNN. Do you expect the Justice Department to enforce all subpoenas, Sarah?” Acosta asked. Acosta’s question was posed in the wake of former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg saying Monday he would not obey a subpoena to appear in front of a federal grand jury investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Sanders was already walking offstage when Acosta tried to ask his question.

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