Only 50 minutes before her meeting with President Trump at the White House to discuss an infrastructure bill, the bumbling Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (CA) accused President Trump of a cover-up.

The president was fuming that Democrats pulled such a ridiculous stunt only minutes before their meeting at the White House. When Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY) got to the White House meeting, President Trump told them to drop the ridiculous investigations, or he was leaving. The angry, scheming Democrats refused, so President Trump left. He then out to the Rose Garden and let Democrats have it (see below).

Today, in what can only be considered a Twilight Zone-like moment, the media asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders why President Trump wasn’t interested in meeting with the Democrat lawmakers, who only minutes before their meeting accused him of being guilty of a cover-up?

Sarah Sanders, as usual, gave the Democrat Party media an earful.

Treating them like she might treat own children, Sanders explained, “It’s very hard to have a meeting where you accuse the President of the United States of a crime and then an hour show up and act as if nothing has happened. The idea of that is insane, I think to any normal person.” Sanders then gave the media and easy to understand example, “I don’t think if one of your colleagues accused you of a crime, then you’d sit down and work on a story with them and pretend as if that didn’t happen two minutes later.”

Sanders reminded them that the Mueller report was conclusive and that the House and Senate have both done their separate hearings and investigations on the matter, and that “they’ve all come back with the same conclusion…there was no collusion, there was no collusion.” Sanders asked, “How many times do we have to have a redo before the Democrats finally accept the conclusion?” Sanders ended her comments by saying it was time for Democrat lawmakers to get back to work.

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