Another reason to love Sarah Huckabee Sanders!

Sarah Sanders joined the Fox & Friends crew during a preview to the State of the Union speech.  Fox News host Steve Doocy  asked about the bottle of whiskey in her office. Yes, she keeps an unopened bottle of whiskey in her office…

Daily Caller reports:

“We saw a bottle of whiskey, which you might need,” Fox host Steve Doocy said, to which Sanders replied “I like to remind everybody that was a sealed bottle and has not been opened,” before adding that her “dad might be watching.”

The specific bottle of whiskey in Sanders’ office is “Warrior Whiskey.” Sanders displays the bottle in her office to support veterans.

This whiskey is made by a Navy SEAL veteran and a portion of the proceeds go to veteran charities.

 According to the Steamboat Whiskey Company website:

Steamboat Whiskey Company Founder and Head Distiller Nathan Newhall is a former U. S. Navy SEAL. Nathan wanted to give back to veterans in a meaningful way so he developed Warrior Whiskey as a military tribute product. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Warrior Whiskey go directly to vetted U.S. veteran support organizations so they may continue the important work helping America’s fighting heroes.  This quarter we are donating to the Navy Seal Fund.

The whiskey company has donated tens of thousands to the Navy SEAL fund.

On the company website,  there is a picture of President Trump receiving a bottle of Warrior Whiskey from a military aide who served with the owners of Warrior Whiskey. According to Sanders, “POTUS has the 45th bottle made.”

The caption on the photo reads:
Regardless of your political views, it’s always great to see the President support veterans with our Warrior Whiskey. Drink for a cause!

Since the president does not partake himself, it makes sense that the bottle would pass down to the person who next needs it most.

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