The shiny object the press is trying to distract you with this week is the timeline of the firing of Rob Porter. The Rob Porter domestic violence story is serving the lefty media well. It’s all you hear about but isn’t that the point? Sarah Sanders did her best to simmer them down. She’s a champ! We don’t know how she deals with these reporters. Talk about beating a dead horse!

Sarah Sanders explained that the WH Personnel Security Office Received the FBI’s Porter Findings, NOT White House Staff:

You might not hear this from our “Rob Porter-obsessed” media but President Trump just donated his earnings again! The first part of the video below talks about the donation and the positive movement by companies to raise wages after the trump tax cut.

You’d think they’d want to report on the VERY IMPORTANT INTEL AGENGY CORRUPTION. Sarah starts her responses to the Porter questions at the 14:00 point:


It’s very obvious that the press has grabbed this story by the tail and won’t let go until they’ve done something to destroy someone in the Trump administration and caused enough of a distraction from the HUGE story of lawlessness within the Obama administration.

The way the press is behaving should be another great example of where their loyalties are…Let’s face it, our press is an arm of the Democrats and those who simply hate the Trump agenda and administration.


Here we have a former president and his administration in cahoots with intel agencies to bring down a presidential candidate and a sitting president BUT IT’S CRICKETS FROM THE MEDIA! Who would have ever thought that our media would be complicit in this criminal effort to destroy a president?


If anything else, this further exposes the media for the evildoers they have become. Our nation really is at a crossroads and is in a battle for its heart and soul. If you see what we see, you know this is not overstating the urgency in making sure we keep the House and Senate!

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