A Satanic Temple ‘holiday display’ in the Iowa State Capitol building has caused lots of controversy in Des Moines this month.

According to KCCI, the display “features a ram’s head covered with mirrors on a mannequin cloaked in red clothing.”

“We’re going to really relish the opportunity to be represented in a public forum. We don’t have a church on every street corner,” said Satanic Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves.

“My feeling is if people don’t like our display in public forums, they don’t have to engage with them. They don’t have to view them,” he added.

“This is what Kim Reynolds has allowed to be installed in the Iowa State Capitol. It is a Satanic altar and idol,” Jack Posobiec wrote.


Posobiec spoke more about the satanic idol on display in the Iowa State Capitol.

KCCI reports:

Shellie Flockhart from Dallas Center says she was shocked to see at the capitol.

“It’s a very dark, evil force, and I truly hope people know how to battle that,” Flockhart said.

Flockhart organized a prayer group on Wednesday around the Christmas tree in the center of the rotunda to oppose the satanic display near the stairwell.

She calls it dark and evil and says Christians should spiritually fight against it.

“I hope that people realize spiritual warfare is real. That there are evil satanic forces that are trying to infiltrate our state,” she said.

The Satanic Temple says the display will be up for 14 days.

The Satanic Temple says it is a federally recognized non-theistic group, that uses satanic symbols as a way to convey its message. Their website says the group does not worship Satan or believe in the existence of Satan.


An Iowa lawmaker has called on Gov. Kim Reynolds to order the removal of the satanic idol.

The Des Moines Register reports:

A satanic display placed in the Iowa Capitol is unconstitutional, says an eastern Iowa lawmaker who is calling on Gov. Kim Reynolds to order its removal.

In the Dec. 8 edition of his Sherman Liberty Letter, Rep. Brad Sherman, whose district covers Iowa County and part of Johnson County, also calls “for clarifying legislation to be adopted in accordance with our State Constitution that prohibits satanic displays in our Capitol building and on all state owned property.”

He proposes additional legislation to clear the way for displaying the Ten Commandments in all state buildings, including the Capitol, and in Iowa public schools.

But Sherman, a pastor, may not have wholehearted support of his initiative from other Republican legislators, some of whom say they would oppose the government limiting freedom of speech in reaction to the display, which will be in place for a total of two weeks.

“The week starting December 2, 2023, began with the news of a disgusting display sitting in the State Capitol Building in Des Moines, a satanic altar placed there by the Iowa Satanic Temple.  The outrage and disgust for this satanic display is widespread, but few people think there is much that can be legally done about it because of free speech and freedom of religion. However, I disagree,” Sherman wrote in his Sherman Liberty Letter.

“The Iowa Constitution is the supreme law of the State of Iowa, and it establishes the legal foundation upon which all other state laws are built. The opening paragraph (Preamble) of the Iowa Constitution sets the tone for the rest of the Constitution, or we could say, it establishes a lens through which the rest of the document is viewed and interpreted,” he continued.

From The Sherman Liberty Letter:

The Preamble to our Constitution says:


Preamble. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF IOWA, grateful to the Supreme Being for the blessings hitherto enjoyed, and feeling our dependence on Him for a continuation of those blessings, do ordain and establish a free and independent government, by the name of the State of Iowa…,

According to these opening lines of our Constitution, the foundation for laws and continued blessing and success in Iowa is based on these points:

  1. There is One Supreme God.
  2. Blessings over this state come from the One Supreme God
  3. We must depend upon the One Supreme God if we want to enjoy continued blessings.

It is a tortured and twisted interpretation of law that affords Satan, who is universally understood to be the enemy of God, religious expression equal to God in an institution of government that depends upon God for continued blessings. Such a legal view not only violates the very foundation of our State Constitution, but it offends the God upon whom we depend and undermines our wellbeing.

If we claim to believe in the One Supreme Being, the God of all creation, we cannot claim an exemption from obedience to Him in things relating to civil government. In fact, if we claim Him as our God, then we as legislators and government officials are His ministers. As such we must submit to Him in government as much as any other area of life. Either He is God or He is not.

For those who wish to worship Satan, they are free to do so on their private property.  But to allow satanic expression in the State Capitol and other public property is to surrender to Satan’s demands for equality with God which was his original sin: “I will be like the Most High” (see Isaiah 14:14).

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