It’s like Saudi Arabia took two steps forward and then two steps back…

They just allowed women to drive but then they held a fashion show without women in clothing. Instead, they attached the clothes onto a drone and sent the drone down the runway! No kidding!

According to viral clips:

Saudi Fashion show with drones models | model less fashion show in Saudi Arabia.Saudi Arabia broke down barriers in the fashion industry when it held its first ever fashion week earlier this year. According to local news site The New Arab, organisers for the fashion show said the use of drones was a first for the Middle Eastern country and said the odd technique had been used to make sure the show was “Ramadan appropriate”.

The peculiar catwalk, which featured the clothes creepily billowing as they were driven throughout the room, has since been mercilessly mocked online.

Similarly, at a fashion show held this week, all the models were replaced with drones. On one hand LOL, but the reason behind it is a little less funny; women aren’t allowed to participate as models in order to uphold their modesty and make it “Ramadan appropriate.” Floating around the show space, the model-less looks were all Dolce & Gabbana – a brand that has previously employed drones to carry handbags at its AW18 show.

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