Will they be doing this at the World Cup in Qatar? This is so crazy! Who knew there was “anti-Islamic” hair.  

Saudi professional Football League was stopped in the middle by the referee to fix the haircut of three players, whose haircut was not in accordance with Sharia law.

During the Friday encounter between the teams of Ahad and al-Bathin, the referee stopped the match and took the three players aside, where he fixed their Mohawk haircuts, in front of the eyes of the crowd that attended the match. After the players got their new haircut, the match was renewed, about an hour after it was paused.
The Mohawk hairstyle is defined as a “heretic hairstyle” in the Saudi Kingdom specifically and in Arab states generally. According to an Islamic fatwa, a person who cuts one part of his hair but leaves the other part of it untouched is someone with a Mohawk hairstyle. The fatwa rules that such a person must either cut all his hair or leave all his hair untouched….

Via: Tammy Bruce

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