The wildly popular Joe Rogan, who reaches millions of viewers through his “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, interviewed Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers yesterday about the controversy created by the media after it was discovered he refused to be vaccinated for COVID.

Rogan initiated the discussion about the vaccination controversy by pointing out the NFL’s heartless and callous nature, which forced their players to accept an experimental jab as a condition of employment. “They didn’t give a f*ck!” Rogan said about the NFL. “You wanna play football? Take this f*cking thing. And I want you to do it publicly so I can make more money out of those other people who are thinking about it and are on the fence,” he said.

The outspoken Rodgers responded, “Yeah—and then we’re gonna virtue signal and say, ‘Look how righteous our league is because we have 95% compliance!” Next, Rodgers exposed how the NFL warned that if players didn’t comply, the league threatened to send a “stooge” to their team to “show you graphs of your vaccination status compared to the rest of the league, which actually happened.”

“Really?” Rogan asked. He followed up by asking what the “stooge” they sent to the teams was like.  The future Hall-of-Famer Green Bay QB responded, “I mopped the floor with him,” adding that while the “stooge” was attempting to shame the team into getting vaccinated, he began to ask him questions about “liability.” The “stooge” replied, “Well, I’m not a lawyer.” Rodgers challenged him, “But you’re in here talking about all these different things, and you don’t talk about anybody’s personal health issues. There’s zero exemptions. You took out religious exemptions…” Rodgers told Rogan the league actually threatened non-compliance by players would affect their ability to keep their jobs or to get another position within the NFL if they continued to resist.

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The best part is near the end when Rodgers admits he contracted COVID from a fully-vaccinated individual who didn’t want to be vaccinated but only complied to keep his job.

Watch the incredible interview here:

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Green Bay Packers have the best and most loyal fans in America. It would be great to see them show their support for Aaron Rodgers from the stands with signs thanking him for standing up to the COVID tyrants on behalf of his fellow players and all of America. He took a lot of arrows in his brave defense of personal choice on the issue of resisting an experimental jab, particularly when you already have natural immunity to the virus.

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