When will American citizens stop being afraid to stand up and SPEAK OUT against the ‘politically correct’ thugs of the left?


A new “Black Lives Matter” textbook will soon be available to middle school and high school classrooms.

According to the publisher’s description, “’Black Lives Matter’ covers the shootings that touched off passionate protests, the work of activists to bring about a more just legal system, and the tensions in U.S. society that these events have brought to light.”

ABDO Publishing specifies that the book was written for sixth graders through high school students, and says the textbook is “aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards.”

publisher of blm books

“Until now, no authoritative text designed to teach non-black children about historical-structural inequalities productive of anti-black violence in U.S. law and society has been made available for commercial consumption,” reads a review in The Feminist Wire.

“Parents as well as teachers eager to teach middle and/or high school students about the routine vulnerability and terror generative of the rejoined, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ will find an invaluable resource in this special report.”

Conservative radio commentator Larry Elder weighed in on Fox and Friends over the weekend.

“[The textbook] is indoctrinating young kids, teaching them black people are victims,” Elder said.

He argued that the movement would be better off addressing black-on-black crime.

“If the ‘Black Lives Matter’ people are really concerned, they ought to say something about the fact that last year 6,000 blacks shot other blacks, and far and away the number one cause of preventable death for young black men is homicide,” he added.
The textbook was co-authored by Missouri journalist Sue Bradford Edwards and Duchess Harris, a professor of American Studies at Macalester College in Minnesota. Harris is also the author of “Black Feminist Politics from Kennedy to Obama” and a co-editor of “Racially Writing the Republic: Racists, Race Rebels, and Transformations of American Identity.”

“Black Lives Matter” is part of ABDO Publishing’s “Special Report” series of books that aim “to help readers develop an essential understanding of current events and encourage them to form their own opinions.”

There are a total of eight titles in the “Special Report” series, including “Ebola Outbreak,” “ISIS,” and “Transgender Rights and Issues.” Via: Red Alert Politics


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