Did Sleepy Joe catch the same cough as the last Democrat Presidential nominee?

Former Obama Vice President Joe Biden is having difficulty with his speech, his breathing and shows weakness even in the way he dodders to and from the podium.  Now it appears that Joe is suffering from coughing fits. 

Critics noticed former Obama Vice President Joe Biden appears to be failing like an elderly man in his final years.  Biden is 77-years-old.  He is having difficulty with speech, forming sentences and shows weakness even in the way he walks.  Now it appears that he may have contracted the infamous Hillary cough.

In the 2016 Presidential campaign, there were many concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health.  Of course, Hillary’s puppeteers and the Democrat party denied anything was wrong with Hillary’s health, even after video showed Hillary coughing on multiple occasions.  One media report claimed Hillary’s cough was due to acid reflux.


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It got so bad a crazy videos were made of Hillary’s coughing fits:

Now it looks like Joe Biden may have contracted the same cough:

Let’s hope that this isn’t something all future Democrat Presidential nominees have to endure.


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