This woman is confused as heck but we’re seeing the lines blurred between Catholicism and Islam. The Pope just came out and said he sees Islam as not at fault for terrorism. Watch for a casual reference like this and know that it’s just a way to convert Catholics to islam…Don’t buy into it! Why is the Detroit News even publishing this propaganda and huge article about this woman? I went to the comments and there was someone pushing for people to just come and visit a Mosque and check out Islam…INNOCENT ENOUGH? BUT THIS IS AN EFFORT TO CONVERT THE READER:


Masjid Dearborn ·
Works at Dearborn Mosque
Hello everyone
The American Moslem Society Outreach is having an open house on Saturday
February 25, 2017 from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Get to know your Muslim neighbors and learn more about Islam. Free and open to the public.

9945 W Vernor hwy
Dearborn, Mi 48120



Masjid Dearborn ·
Works at Dearborn Mosque
Jack Nuzum we appreciate your comment and no one is forcing you to follow, just come and learn. 1.8 Billion people couldn’t be wrong. It’s all educational. I urge you and everyone else to learn before you judge. If you can’t make it, please watch this documentary


Thalia Arenas of Fresno sometimes is asked, “How are you Muslim if you’re Mexican? I don’t understand.”

It’s a perplexing question to the 28-year-old Fresno woman, but one she answers willingly.

“Islam is for everybody,” she says. “Matter of fact, only 20 percent of Muslims in the world are Arab. Most of them are actually from other countries.”

Arenas is in an unusual position in the wake of recent executive orders by President Donald Trump calling for travel bans from seven predominantly Muslim countries, more deportations, and a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico — a country that many of her family members immigrated from.

“As a woman, as a Muslim, as a Latina — in all of these ways I feel like anything he (President Trump) does is going to affect me.”

She is concerned that Trump eventually may extend his ban to include green card holders from Mexico, which would include some of her immediate family members.

Arenas shared these concerns during a MEChA club meeting at Fresno State earlier this month, where she also told the group that the “Muslim Hispanic community is growing.” She personally knows around 15 Muslim Hispanics and says mosques in cities such as Los Angeles now hold services in Spanish. She wants people to know that followers of Islam are a larger and more diverse group than they are often perceived.

She has overheard offensive conversations about Muslims by people who don’t realize she is a follower of Islam because she doesn’t wear a hijab, a headscarf worn by some Muslim women as a tenet of their faith to dress modestly. She says she doesn’t wear a hijab for functional reasons — she works at an animal shelter, and doesn’t want to get the garment dirty — but also because she is afraid.

“I think people might say something — might look at me differently,” she said.

These concerns were highlighted in an October story in The Bee about a Hijab Challenge at Fresno State sponsored by the Muslim Student Association. Arenas is a spokeswoman for the club. The Hijab Challenge — which encouraged students to wear a headscarf for a day to help them better understand how it feels to be a Muslim in America today — came under attack by a Clovis veteran who denounced the event in a follow-up story, stating it violated the First Amendment.

“There’s a lot of Christian groups that come and they use the Free Speech Area (at Fresno State),” Arenas counters, “and they literally shout at you and promote Christian values. So, I just felt that it was hypocritical or one-sided for them not to see or be open-minded about what the purpose of the event was.”

Arenas also considers herself a “Catholic Muslim.” She was raised Catholic and started researching different religions as a young woman.


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