A handful of NFL players had taken a knee during the preseason, and now we have a politician throwing his weight around at Ted Cruz and saying that there is nothing more American than taking a knee during the national anthem. It’s safe to say that millions of Americans would disagree 100% and now they might be fed up after hearing about Cruz’s challenger and the stance he’s taking on protests during football and the national anthem.

His name is Beto O’Rourke and he’s a Democrat. He’s attempting to challenge GOP Sen. Ted Cruz in the upcoming midterm elections, but what Beto just said about the national anthem may have been all it takes for people to lock their vote in for Cruz. Republicans are going after Beto fairly hard after his statement which specifically said that there is “nothing more American” than kneeling during the national anthem. He might be trying to make a point, but if he’s taken a look at what happened to the NFL when players began taking a knee, and the dwindling ratings, the boos, and everything else that negatively points at the take a knee protests, then he might have known better to talk about it. Perhaps Beto would have been better off not talking about the national anthem at all. Now he’s facing the wrath of Americans who love their flag, their country and dislike anyone disrespecting it one way or another.

Fox News reported “Comments like his are a slap in the face to every man and woman who has ever served our nation and put their lives on the line to defend American values,” Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey said Thursday.

O’Rourke, a Democratic congressman, was asked at a recent campaign event about NFL players who kneel during the anthem. O’Rourke replied, “I can think of nothing more American than to peacefully stand up, or take a knee for your rights anytime, anywhere, any place.”

While Republicans decried the remark, liberals are celebrating it.

“His answer was perfect,” said the liberal news site NowThis, which posted video of the exchange.

Actor Kevin Bacon tweeted his thanks to O’Rourke. And basketball star LeBron James saluted O’Rourke for his “candid thoughtful words!”

Bacon, the actor turned musician, turned political for a momemnt. It turned into more of a joke after some of the replies came in.

Lebron James, who can’t stay loyal to any basketball team for more than a few years and once complained about air conditioning, mixed his views into politics, but he doesn’t have much room to talk after the public finding out that their paying more for “his” school than he is.

Ted Cruz had the best response, talking about the good people of his state and also making a joke about Kevin Bacon and the funny actor-based game that people play with his name.

Beto might be closing in on Cruz according to some polls. Voters must come out in full force to let their voice be heard.

The official football season hasn’t started yet, but we’re already dealing with the “take a knee” nonsense that has plagued our great American sport and forced fans to deal with social justice warriors abusing their platform to protest while they are supposed to be working. That’s right folks, playing football is a job. When you’re on the field, then you’re at work and you’re not supposed to be protesting.

Is taking a knee the most American thing you can do during the national anthem? I believe most Americans who love would agree that standing, taking your hat off, and placing your hand over your heart to pay respects is the most American thing we can do during the national anthem.

Do you agree?


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