A band of African-American groups are wanting a school district in Maryland to tackle the sticky topic of racism in a more “proactive” manner by openly declaring that it’s a mental illness.

One of the many questions that needs to be asked in this situation is who gets to define “racism” and what exactly is their definition of the term.

The College Fix is reporting:

The Caucus of African American Leaders approved a measure Tuesday night which noted several racist incidents that had occurred in Anne Arundel County Public schools. According to the Capital Gazette, in addition to the “mental disorder” provision, the Caucus wants “a zero-tolerance policy for racism” and a set of “protocols [for] when racist incidents occur.”

Anne Arundel superintendent George Arlotto also felt the Caucus’s wrath; he’s accused of “fail[ing] to understand or appreciate how the trauma of racism has directly and indirectly” students and school staff.

The county NAACP signed on to Caucus measure.

The Caucus resolution mentions a racist petition created by a so-called “Kool Kids Klan,” and a noose that was found at middle school a year ago.

What it doesn’t note is that, regarding the petition, police tried to find anything by which to charge the teens responsible, but nothing rose to the level of an actual crime. It also doesn’t mention that back in 2017 a black student was responsible for sending a threat to her school using the (virtually identical) Twitter handle “@KoolkidsKlanKkk.”

Mention of a similar instance which occurred this past February also is absent.

The (racial) achievement gap also is included in the resolution which, if racism is to be designated a “mental health disorder,” should alarm clear-thinking people.

From the article:

[The Caucus] also want[s] schools to develop written protocols for when a racist incident occurs in county schools, or when an incident that is widely known about with county connections occurs. Those protocols should include instructions about communication and assemblies. That protocol should also include making individual and group counseling immediately available after such instances, the Caucus said in its resolution.

The Caucus wants the school work with the NAACP and Coming to the Table to hold regular group discussions about race with students and staff. It also wants to require implicit bias training for all county staff.

[Caucus convener Carl] Snowden said the Caucus itself would also like to hold a public hearing at Chesapeake High School to discuss racism in county schools.

It’s a given, morally speaking, that racism is a horrific evil that seeks to devalue human life, all of which is precious, regardless of what color your skin is or the culture you come from.

The problem with modern day race crusaders is that they are so desperate to “fight the system” like certain previous generations did. They are so hungry for a legitimate cause to be part of, they will actually fabricate issues that are nonexistent, or pursue such matters until one finally erupts on the scene.

Racism is pure evil, but so is willy nilly labeling someone as a racist over any little thing, a phenomenon that has become par for the course for the left.

The only way forward, toward a legitimate post-racial society, is to learn to see each other as having equal value in our shared humanity, while celebrating our differences in a reasonable manner.

Let’s hope the left gets the message.

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