I wish there was some way I could let Tide Detergent Co. know that I don’t approve of their association with the radical open borders, no voter ID required, social justice extremism group La Raza. Oh wait…there is… Thank goodness we too have choices  when it comes to laundry detergent, just like Tide’s choice to align themselves with this leftist anti-American group.

Detergent company Tide is helping to “wash away” racist labels, and its partner in the project is La Raza (literally “The Race”), a notorious “racialist” activist group that espouses open-borders radicalism.

In a new Tide ad, a handful of Latinos discuss some of the demeaning labels they’ve encountered in America.

“Look, I could tell you a long list of all the things people call us,” one man says.

“Gardener, being ‘naco,'” says another.

“I think it’s beaners, ‘frijoleros,'” adds a woman.

“Drug dealer,” says another young man.

“Usually people call us ‘mojados,'” says the first interviewee.

“I don’t like to hear when people refer to all Cubans as ‘balseros,'” says a man with a salt-and-pepper goatee.

“Hispanics are labeled all the time,” the screen reads.


The video then explains that using ketchup instead of ink, Tide printed T-shirts with the racial smears. The participants are then asked to walk around the room with the shirts and respond to the hateful labels they gave Tide to print.

“The first thing that came to my mind is that this is an insult to all Cubans,” said the man with the goatee in response to the shirt that contained the demeaning name he had mentioned.

Holding the “beaners” shirt, the woman says, “In a way this is how a lot of people think…”

“To be labeling people… it’s really a low thing to do,” says another participant.

The ad then shifts to a montage of washing the shirts, revealing, surprise!, Tide has successfully washed the hurtful names away. The next montage features the interviewees writing in their own positive labels, like “decentes” (decent, honest), “trabajadores” (workers), “valientes,” (brave, courageous) and “luchadores” (fighters).

The sponsors of the ad are Tide and La Raza, an activist group notorious for its race-baiting and overtly racist positions. If its name isn’t a clear enough declaration of its racially motivated intentions, The Race’s political positions have made clear that its goal is the promotion of the Hispanic race through open-borders radicalism and social justice activism. A few of the group’s positions: it opposes voter ID laws, building a wall on the souther border and cooperation between local officials, and federal immigration officials (in other words, “sanctuary cities”). It supports drivers licenses and in-state tuition for illegals, and voter ID. Via: Daily Wire

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