“I now go to the gun range almost weekly to practice shooting.” – South Carolina’s Nancy Mace.

Rep. Nancy Mace announced her intentions after death threats and vandalism to her home. She tweeted out an announcement (see below) that she would be buying another firearm, and this one would be “to carry.”

Fox News reports it all began on Memorial Day when Rep. Mace woke up to a call from the police:

“They wanted to know if I was home and if I knew my house had been vandalized.”

Rep. Mace was out of town when her home was vandalized with profanity and other threatening symbols.


“When they show up to your house, and physically just, you know, try to destroy it with graffiti, it’s personal, and it’s invasive, and it’s violating, and it doesn’t feel good.”

Just a few days after the incident, Rep. Mace tweeted: “Buying another firearm. This one to carry.”

“I now go to the gun range almost weekly to practice shooting.”

Great idea!

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