Anthony Scaramucci commented on the relationship between Chief of Staff John Kelly and President Trump during a very interesting interview on Fox News.

The former White House Press Secretary who lasted 10 days and was fired by Kelly said he feels it’s “very obvious” that Chief of Staff John Kelly “dislikes” President Trump. Ouch! The way he said it was interesting because he surprised Martha McCallum with his frankness.

The entire interview is great but at the 6:30 point is where Scaramucci begins to talk about Kelly’s relationship with Trump:

Scaramucci has some good ‘inside baseball’ on what’s going on within the Trump administration.

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Word is that Kelly wasn’t speaking to Trump. It’s hard to work together is you refuse to speak to your boss.

Speculation is that even though Kelly was supposed to stay through 2020, Trump decided it was time to go when news broke that Mueller interviewed Kelly. That means nothing in terms of any guilt on the part of the president. It’s just that President Trump might not have appreciated the fact that Kelly was cooperating with the Mueller team.

Was this the last straw?

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