Residents of apartments within the downtown Seattle area taken over by anarchists are speaking out to local kiro7 about being stuck in the area and unable to move out. One person living in the Capitol Hill area was a supporter of protests but isn’t so sure this is the same movement as before:

“I was protesting prior to the opening of CHOP or CHAZ, but now I don’t know what I’m really supporting if I were to go to CHAZ or linger around, because it’s a different movement.”

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Staying elsewhere:

“Even if I want to move out, I can’t because I can’t even bring a moving truck there. I moved to a hotel yesterday; I’ll be staying there for at least a week, but I have no idea what’s next.”

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No cops:

“I’m mainly scared because I know cops won’t come, I know fire trucks can’t come in. No government has even contacted any residents.”

The neighbors tell people in CHAZ to keep it down:

“Please stop blasting music and chanting at night.”

You get what you vote for…


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