This is why school systems are in trouble…it’s not about the kids but about the adults (not teachers) who’re receiving ridiculous bonuses that have nothing to do with performance! Isn’t a bonus for good work? 

Indianapolis school board members awarded Superintendent Lewis Ferebee a massive $26,999 bonus on Thursday, the same day the public learned student test scores fell by 3.7 percent last year.

ferebeeSchool board members noted that Ferebee’s performance bonus was only 77.1 percent of a possible $35,000 boost that’s based on improving learning in the school district, reports.

“The 10 goals include redesigning and expanding district magnet schools based on demand and student results, creating autonomous schools and improving student graduation rates and IREAD scores, according to the news site.

In February, the IPS board increased Ferebee’s total compensation to more than $287,000 a year, including a base pay of $209,880.

IPS students fell behind at a faster pace than students statewide in recent standardized math and reading tests released by state officials on Thursday. On average, 3-8th grade students lost 2.1 percentage points in those subjects, while IPS student scores decreased by 3.7 percent.

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Ferebee, of course, contends that the data is flawed, and is encouraging parents and concerned citizens to ignore the results, as well as A through F grades that have not yet been released, CBS Indy reports.

“Educators are frustrated,” he said. “The data we received today, we don’t believe is an accurate measure of the progress in our schools.”

Hundreds of superintendents in the state have also complained that the test scores are inaccurate, and are pushing back in letters to state officials.

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