Scott Baio has consistently been an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump. Baio courageously spoke at the RNC on behalf of Trump, for which he was roundly criticized by just about everyone in Hollywood. His strong support of Trump however, hasn’t come without a price…

Scott Baio became a teen idol starring as Chachi Arcola on Happy Days from 1977-1984 and he worked pretty consistently until a few years ago, most recently as star and producer of See Dad Run on Nick at Nite. Baio spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about being a conservative in famously liberal Hollywood.

Donald Trump has had some gaffes recently, like insulting the Khan family. Do you think they are actual gaffes or media hype?

Well, let’s put that up against someone who should be indicted, according to James Comey, the FBI director. It’s amazing. I mean, I don’t know where you stand politically — you work for The Hollywood Reporter so I’m sure you lean left. But it’s incredible to me that she lied about people dying in Benghazi, and she is still lying about her emails, and Donald Trump says something about this couple and it’s taken completely out of context. I was around for Romney and I thought that was bad, but this is insane. I don’t know who the Clintons made a deal with, but the media is, so bad. How do you fight that? –Hollywood Reporter


On Monday, Scott Baio filed a police report claiming the wife of the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer went nuts on him at a function with their elementary school kids … physically attacking him over his support of Donald Trump.

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Law enforcement tells TMZ, Baio says he was at an event with his daughter Saturday in Thousand Oaks, CA, when Nancy Mack confronted him. Mack, who’s married to drummer Chad Smith, is a vocal anti-Trump supporter … who has called the Prez-elect racist … began berating and cursing Baio, one of Trump’s strongest celebrity supporters.

We’re told Baio told cops he asked her to quiet down because kids were present, but Mack was undeterred, asking him how he could support a man who said, “Grab ’em by the pussy.” Baio claims she repeatedly screamed, “Grab ’em by the pussy.”

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Baio asked Nancy to stop, but he claims she kept repeating the comment because she felt everyone needed to hear it, cause Trump used it. Baio told cops at that point Mack attacked him, grabbing him under his arms and then shaking and pushing him.

For entire story: TMZ


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