Yesterday, President Trump laid into Democrat lawmakers, who are putting our nation’s security at risk, as they fight to make it possible for hundreds of thousands of unvetted illegal aliens to cross over our southern borders. President Trump also laid blame on Mexico, who he claims have the strongest immigration laws, for allowing the massive caravans to travel through their country, as they make their way to the southern border with the goal of crossing over into the United States.

Trump warned Mexico that if they don’t stop massive caravans of illegals from crossing through their country to our border, he will close the border with Mexico:

Turning Point USA President Charlie Kirk, who is also close to the administration, announced yesterday that President Trump has cut off aid to three Central American countries where massive numbers of illegal invaders are coming from, as they make their way through Mexico and across our southern border.

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Kirk tweeted:

BREAKING: Trump cuts off aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras Good! No more aid till they do everything they can to stop these illegal caravans!

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Now, Scott Presler, one of President Trump’s biggest supporters and one of the hardest working Republican activists in America is tweeting about his disgust for an illegal alien criminal from El Salvador who sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl in his home state of Virginia.
When Presler’s not standing on a street corner in his home state of Virginia with a sign demanding Americans come before illegal aliens, the openly gay conservative Republican is registering Republican voters for the 2020 election.

Last month, we wrote about Scott Presler, who regularly appears on our 100 Percent Fed Up Facebook page to do live videos, where he discusses how to register voters and how to help Trump win his reelection bid in 2020. Presler’s also a rock star on Twitter where he has almost 300K followers. Today, Presler tweeted a heartbreaking story involving an illegal alien who plead guilty to assaulting a 13-year-old girl in his home state of Virginia. The El Salvadoran was deported in 2004, but with our broken immigration system, he returned to commit horrific crimes in American.

Scott Presler tweeted: I’m in tears. An illegal alien pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a child younger than 13 in Virginia Beach, where I live. This is my home. Democrats did this. You let him in. Why do democrats choose illegal aliens over little children?

Here’s the article from South Side Daily that Presler tweeted: An El Salvadoran national pleaded guilty in a federal courtroom here Thursday to illegal reentry following a felony conviction for aggravated sexual battery of a child younger than 13 years old.

According to court documents, Ubaldo Adonay Moran-Arevalo, 37, was found to be in the United States illegally in 2004 and ordered removed in 2005.

He remained in the country and was arrested in 2008 in Virginia Beach for sexually assaulting a child, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia.
After being convicted and sentenced, he was removed from the United States but returned sometime later. Moran-Arevalo came to ICE’s attention several months ago after he was arrested in Virginia Beach for drunken driving. He has since been convicted of that charge, prosecutors said.

According to AZ  Central– Apprehensions of migrants along the nation’s southern border are the highest in more than a decade, creating what the top U.S. Customs and Border Protection official described Tuesday as a mushrooming crisis that threatens to overwhelm federal authorities.

The influx is being driven by a 300 percent increase in the number of people crossing as part of families compared with 2018. Families, along with unaccompanied children, accounted for 60 percent of all apprehensions since Oct. 1.

“We are currently facing both a border security and humanitarian crisis along our southwest border,” Kevin McAleenan, the Customs and Border Protection commissioner,  told reporters.


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