The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday threw out a lawsuit seeking to block President Donald Trump’s plan to exclude illegal aliens living in the United States from the population count used to allocate congressional districts to states.

The case was led by a coalition of leftist states like New York and California who believe illegals should be given the rights of US citizens. These states also believe the rest of America should pay for their crackpot policies.

The 6-3 ruling on ideological lines, with the court’s six conservatives in the majority and three liberals dissenting, giving Trump a HUGE victory as he pursues his hard-line policies toward immigration.

Challengers led by New York state and the American Civil Liberties Union said Trump’s proposal would dilute the political clout of states with larger numbers of such immigrants, including heavily Democratic California, by undercounting state populations and depriving them of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives to the benefit of his fellow Republicans.

Illegal aliens give California up to 5 extra Congressional seats.

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FAIR US reported:

Most Americans know that their representation in the U.S. House of Representatives is based on proportional representation as determined by the decennial Census. And, many Americans are aware that the Census takers try to count everybody residing in the country. But, most Americans do not make the connection that illegal immigrants and other foreigners who are not legal permanent residents are part of the calculation for the apportionment of Congressional representatives. If the population of illegal aliens and other long-term foreign residents were inconsequential, this would not be an important issue. However, with 18.5 million more persons counted in the 2000 Census than the number of U.S. citizens, this is a valid major concern.

Because illegal aliens should not even be in the country, and other nonimmigrants such as foreign students and guest workers are here only temporarily, it makes no sense to distribute Congressional seats as if these foreign nationals deserved representation the same as American citizens.

The U.S. population that logically should be enumerated includes U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents (immigrants). As only the former may vote in federal elections, the apportionment of seats in Congress should be done on the basis of the number of citizens in each state. 1 Apportionment of federal funds should be based on the number of citizens and legal residents of each state.

Some federal funding programs provide compensation to the states based on mandated expenditures for foreign residents, i.e., emergency medical care, incarceration, English language learning. The number and identity of these non-citizen users of these services is appropriately collected by the service provider and should be provided to the federal government as a condition precedent to receiving any distribution of federal funds.

On the basis of the current Census questionnaire, however, there is no way to determine if a foreign resident is legally or illegally in the country.

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Democrats always believe the rest of America should follow the law — just not them.

CNN reported:

The Supreme Court on Friday threw out a challenge to President Donald Trump’s bid to exclude undocumented immigrants from being counted when seats in Congress are divvied up between the states next year.

The court said the challengers, a coalition of states led by New York and immigrant rights groups, did not have the legal injury necessary to bring the case because the government has not yet announced which individuals it seeks to exclude.

The three liberal justices dissented from the opinion, and the issue is likely to return at a later date.

Friday’s ruling is a narrow victory for Trump as it wipes away a lower court opinion that went against him, but he still has upcoming hurdles. Census officials have indicated that they are having difficulties processing census responses in time to produce the final count by an end of the year deadline.

While the leftist media networks attempt to convince the American people that Joe Biden is the alleged President-Elect…President Trump is claiming HUGE victories! 

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