There’s never been a better politician, aka professional liar, than Joe Biden. He can look America in the face and lie like a rug. Obama is right up there with Biden, but Biden has had decades more to perfect his strategy. One perfect example is below:

Joe Biden claims raising taxes will not slow down the economy and will help it function better. Oh, and raising taxes will create more energy, according to Joe. Create more energy? Yes, he really said that, but you won’t hear it from the media.

Biden came out on Friday to defend raising taxes on corporations. He needs more practice on trying to convince business owners that they will be slammed with taxes. You can guarantee they’re not buying it. Trump’s former Director of the Office of Management and Budget Russ Vought isn’t buying what Biden is trying to sell. He recently spoke with Neil Cavuto (see video below) about how Biden’s moves will hurt businesses and the economy.

According to CFP, Biden has a new nickname, and it’s “SCROTUS” – So-Called Ruler of the United States.

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Former OMB Director Russ Vought discusses the Biden tax and spend policy:

Democrats have tried tax and spend many times…it never works.

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